The PLUS Foundation channels the resources and generosity of the professional liability industry directly into proven programs that serve society, the industry and the communities where we work and live. Here are some tangible examples:

  • Bringing local chapters together for volunteer activities and community giving through our Chapter Charity Grants program.  This program engages over a hundred volunteer and donates tens of thousands of dollars each year to the local communities of PLUS members.
  • The popular annual Conference Cause, engages volunteers and makes large grants to organizations located in the city of the PLUS Annual Conference.
  • Looking out for our members and colleagues in times of need, including providing more than $335,000 in Disaster Relief after the 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy tragedies.
  • Promoting diversity and fostering new talent by initiating the first Women’s Leadership Network specific to professional liability insurance.
  • Recognizing and fostering potential through Gilmartin and Financial Aid Scholarships, which have provided college funding for children of PLUS members and their colleagues.
  • Uniting members for fun and good causes through Strikes for Charity and Chips for Charity, which raise money to support the PLUS Foundation mission.
  • Putting millions of dollars to work in philanthropy, diversity and education – and raising public awareness of the and generosity of the professional liability community.


    Since 1998, we've raised public awareness of the generosity of the professional liability community.