New Financial Aid Scholarships Added!

Leo Gilmartin Scholarship Continues into 23nd Year


The 2018 application period is December 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018

Follow this link to apply NOW!    Program Key:  PLUS

Financial Aid Scholarship

Consistent with our mission of philanthropy and the advancement of education, the PLUS Foundation Board of Directors aims to support families and students who have greater financial needs. This step expands on our record of service to and on behalf of the professional liability community.

The PLUS Foundation is pleased to announce these new Financial Aid Scholarships, made possible by the personal donations of leaders in our industry:

• Mary Dortenzio Memorial Scholarship

• Constantine “Dinos” Iordanou Scholarship

• H. Seymour Weinstein Scholarship

• Elizabeth Everson Seyler and Mary Quayle Bradley Scholarship

• James E. Price, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility: Children of all employees of PLUS corporate and event sponsor companies. Note that children of any PLUS corporate or event sponsor company employee are eligible even if their parent is not a direct registered member of PLUS. Pass this along to your staff that have children heading off to college that could use some support!

Download scholarship info for publication/distribution HERE 

• Post the information in your company newsletter.
• Have your human resources department distribute to employees with kids entering college next year.
• Distribute the information via company e-mail lists or bulletin boards – though it is a PLUS Foundation program, you do not need to be a PLUS member to qualify!

Scholarships will be awarded based on family financial need and proof of average to above average high school performance. Application requirements include:

  • Household adjusted gross income
  • Total number in household and number of dependent children attending college
  • Estimated cost of tuition
  • Recipients will be required to present evidence of full time attendance and meet GPA requirements in order to be eligible for funds the following years
  • The amount of financial aid will be recalculated annually based on updated financial information

Leo Gilmartin Scholarship

Awarded based on scholastic merit and extracurricular activity. Application requirements include, but are not limited to the following:

  • College entrance exam scores
  • G.P.A.and class rank
  • Essay and letter of recommendation
  • List of extracurricular and community service activities
  • Recipients will be required to present evidence of full time attendance and meet GPA requirements in order to be eligible for funds the following year

General Details & Requirements for Both Scholarship:

• Up to four scholarships will be awarded in each category (Gilmartin, Financial Aid).
• Scholarships will be for up to $12,000 each, payable in increments over four years.
• Applicants must be a child of a current PLUS member or a child of an employee of a current PLUS corporate sponsor.
• An applicant is required to be in his/her senior year of high school.
• A recipient must successfully complete high school and enroll in an accredited four year college or university in the fall.
• A student may be eligible and apply for both scholarships, but can only be awarded one.




    PLUS and the Foundation have awarded sixty-two scholarships totaling over $500,000 since the Gilmartin program began in 1996.